Hi this is Ashna Bhatiya the lovely Ahmedabad Escort that runs her Escort Service in Ahmedabad in the name of ashnabhatiya.com. I am a very popular personality among the high profile guys of Ahmedabad, and it is with this popularity and fame that I have been able to reach this milestone without having to struggle.

I have always dreamt big and wanted to live life king size on my own terms, being the only girl I was very pampered by all the family members. This was the reason for my stubbornness which increased as I became older this increased and today I do only those things that fits in to my scheme of things. I have had difficulties because of this behavior of mine but still I always manage to overcome this with my naturally aggressive approach in lovemaking. Men understand and accept me as I am; some even love this side of mine.

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Running an Escorts Service in Ahmedabad is not at all easy and the challenges were soon felt, the lack of professionalism among the Escorts in Ahmedabad working under my banner was the biggest cause to worry. I knew that people come to Ahmedabad Escorts only because of the goodwill that I have created as an Ahmedabad Independent Escort. I had the famous personalities of Ahmedabad as my clients who didn’t worry to pay me whatever I demand, but the only thing they expected was a whole hearted fun filled experience from me and my Escort in Ahmedabad.

I made sure to segregate these Ahmedabad Escorts according to their performance, their reviews and attitude, finally removing the ones who didn’t perform or didn’t satisfy the clients. To fill this void I started my hunt to select the best Escort in Ahmedabad that had all the ingredients to induce excitement, passion and above all lay down on the demands of the clients with utmost ease, sincerity and dedication to give them the maximum pleasure. It is this collective effort of our entire team that has laid the platform to my success, I at no stage would have ever here without the efforts of them.

When it comes to escorting I have always believed that one can get the best pleasure when the both the partners get their release simultaneously or within a striking distance and this can happen only when the level of excitement of both the partners match or is made to match by our Female Escorts in Ahmedabad. The goal of our organization is to provide a totally different lovemaking experience with finely selected beauties and make you a regular client.

I always believe in inducing different ideas and techniques of lovemaking for this I have touched all the styles present in the present as well as the ancient books. The idea is to give a totally different experience every time you visit this wonderful Ahmedabad Escorts. The number of clients are increasing on a fast pace and so is the challenge to sustain the same. The confidence and the faith that I have in me and my team shall stand up to it and no matter what happens the quality that we have successfully maintained shall remain the same, this is our promise.

You can come to me or give me a call at: 09960749582 for bookings please ensure to book in advance as it is sometimes very difficult to give instant bookings.


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call me or Mr. Bhatiya at: 09960749582 if you wish to avail the best lovemaking experience and are ready to pay a premium amount to our classy Escort in Ahmedabad. All my Ahmedabad Independent Escorts are very much of the same caliber as that of mine as they are very carefully picked and groomed by me.